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This poster appeared during the time when they thought a still undiscovered virus was causing the polio epidemics - a virus that must be spread by flies. Such adverts led to a greatly increased use of insecticides - which tragically were found by leading scientists working for US government agencies to cause precisely the same kind of paralytic damage to the spinal column nerves that were found in cases of polio. Their research simply was ignored.

In articles published in May 2004 I documented much of my work over the past few years on polio, in the course of which I found myself forced to challenge much of the accepted wisdom. I had begun my research by looking at the many contaminants in the vaccine, but finally was forced to conclude:

1. that polio, the disease of the polio epidemics in the US and UK in the first half of the 20th Century, was not primarily caused by the nominated 'poliovirus" - but primarily by human environmental pollution, particularly be insecticides, with viruses possibly playing a secondary role;

2. that the disease was not stopped by the vaccine, but many cases were deliberately hidden by relabelling it - this led to the vaccine being attributed with a fictitious victory. It continued under other names; and

3. that polio might well be curable - if it is treated as a toxin-caused disease

I was greatly helped in the first of the above points by finding valuable historical medical papers written and researched during the polio epidemics in the US had been made available on a valuable website put up by Jim West. (See below)

I further conclude that the polio vaccine was not just completely ineffective - but dangerous due to the contaminants it was known by its manufacturers to contain.

If you would like to get a copy of my 18 page report, as published in THE ECOLOGIST, at some 13,500+ words in length, then please download it for free, complete with all its graphics and illustrations, from here (with the generous permission of The Ecologist)- in the form of two Acrobat (pdf) files on polio- click on these words. The footnotes are not with the article pdf files - so here they are instead - click on References - these are for the articles as published. I will endeavour to put together a more extensive list of sources as I am aware that many of my sources are omitted as the list stands- it refers to less than a quarter of the sources that were in fact used.) If you cannot handle pdf files - then here is my article as purely a text file without illustrations.

These articles are written for the Everyhuman who has little background knowledge - so my task has involved translating literally thousands of pages of medical jargon into everyday language. This has involved an enormous amount of editorial work. But inevitably in this process much of the background science underlying my report was sharply cut down or even eliminated. If you wish to read the source material, Thus on these pages over the next few weeks I hope to assemble much of this underlying science in an online and accessible form. Much of this work is done. Currently, if you click on the link below, you can access some 75 documents.

The Polio Documents Resource Centre - one of the largest on the net.




This website on 'Provocation Polio' gives links to sites documenting the link between cases of paralysis and vaccination. It was widely observed during the recognised US and UK polio epidemics that polio started in limbs that were recently vaccinated - as if the muscle injected had been poisoned by the contents of the vaccine.

Another possible cause was the introduction of insecticides and pesticides that were designed to kill insects by attacking their Central Nervous System. It was not thought that such chemicals might do much the same in susceptible humans. Jim West documents his extensive research in this area. (My main difference with him, as clarified by emails, is over whether polio ceased after 1955. My conclusion is that it did not but was simply renamed. Evidence on this can be found on my website's document resource centre.)

The Contamination contained in the Polio Vaccine.

It is particularly remarkable that scientists wedded to the theory that viruses caused polio, and to the theory that all epidemics were caused by viruses, allowed the production and use of vaccines that were gravely contaminated with many viruses and other potentially dangerous substances such as free DNA, cell particles and viral debris..

This website is by a lawyer who has managed to unearth key documents revealing that major vaccine manufacturers knew the health authorities were deceiving the public when they said the vaccines were pure and harmless - for both the authorities and the manufacturers were concealing the fact even after the vaccine was supposed to be cleaned up, many monkey viruses were in the polio vaccine administered to hundreds of millions of children around the world.

The Polio Vaccine's Success based on statistical fraud - evidence by professor to Congress.

When the polio vaccine was launched in 1955, thousands of those 'protected' by this vaccine shortly afterwards fell ill with polio. This caused enormous political embarrassment as President Eisenhower had just awarded the Congressional Medal to the vaccine's inventor, Dr Jonas Salk. It seems that the vaccine was then fraudulently given a victory, by the authorities relabelling most cases of polio with different names.This made it look as if polio started to vanish as soon as the vaccine was launched - but the reality was that polio (as previously defined) was not vanishing but increasing . Here is an account of these events drawing on the evidence of a professor of Biostatistics, given to Congress. The Fraudulent Vaccine.

A Personal Note - How this research came about

The current history of the polio vaccine as promulgated in numerous medical text books and popular works describes a long and heroic struggle to find the virus that causes polio and then a vaccine to prevent it infecting humans. I believed this history at first. Around 1995, after learning from Jackie Fletcher of JABS of the many children falling ill after vaccination, I began to investigate these apparent vaccination side-effects. My first focus was on MMR - and I had published several pieces in the Independent newspaper on this topic. Then, in 1997, I learnt serious contamination of the polio vaccine with monkey viruses. I attended the 1997 Workshop of SV40 held at the NIH, a foremost American health research facility, and became much more seriously alarmed by what seemed to be serious carelessness in making the vaccine. This research turned into a Dispatches program I Co-Produced with Rosie Thomas for Channel 4 called 'Monkey Business' on the discovery by many laboratories around the world of a link between the vaccine and a monkey virus that seemingly made us more liable to get cancer. This one hour film was on UK and Australian TV ( I hope soon to have copies available on CD)

But, at that time, I still thought polio a disease primarily caused by the poliovirus. I simply presumed they had the right virus - and that it was caused by this virus.

Then I started to see that my assumption could be quite wrong. The more I learnt of the experiments that were supposed to discover the poliovirus, the more they seemed most unconvincing. I read extensively - but I remember being particularly delighted with an article by Neenyah Ostrom. I strongly recommend this article for its pioneering re-thinking of polio research. She showed that during the historical process that led to the polio vaccine, the poliovirus was never isolated, that the so-called viral isolates were a mess of contaminants, viral particles, toxins, viruses etc. - any or all of which could be the real cause of the illness. (Her article is also in the Resource Centre)

I also around this time learnt just how difficult it was to isolate some other viruses such as HIV. The twenty year hunt for a vaccine against it is only paralleled by the forty year hunt for the poliovirus and its vaccine. I found that, just like in the case of polio, the disease was very widely defined while hunting for a vaccine (The cynical centre in my brain thought that this must have helped them raise the millions needed to develop the vaccine - as it makes the target disease seem frighteningly widespread). Then, when they developed a vaccine, they soon redefined the disease to make it seemingly inflict far fewer - thus giving their vaccine the appearance of a success. Would this also happen when they eventually launch an HIV vaccine? I also came across many eminent scientist, including a Nobel Prize winner who invented the most sensitive tool that virology has, PCR, who argued that AIDS is primarily caused not by HIV but by other factors that gravely damage the human immune system such as toxins, illicit and licit drugs, malnutrition, other illnesses - and that the proteins detected in AIDS tests may be products of this breakdown rather than of HIV. (See the AIDS RETHINK button on my home page) Again there seemed to be a possible parallel - - for the polio epidemics were thought by some to be linked to toxins rather than to a virus - and if Ostrom was right, then the polio virus was not verifiably identified before the launch of the vaccine - nor linked to every case of the disease.

I also around this time discovered the pioneering work of the Institute for Science in Society (I-SIS) and joined them, gaining from them a much more positive image of viruses. I leant that it was not always an invader - that in fact our bodies make millions of them - that in fact they are our own genetic information highway. I learnt that the viruses to which we are most accustomed, are normally harmless to us. The harmful viruses are probably much less in number - and are usually among those to which our community is newly exposed. To deal with these, our bodies have evolved a usually very effective immune system. I very strongly recommend their very extensive website and ongoing research on a wealth of issues especially including GM crops, cellular structures, pesticides.

I looked at many histories of the vaccination campaign - including the very interesting history of the Salk vaccine by Bayly - published in 1956, a year after the release of the vaccine. I found this on another very useful website - - where there is also stored other valuable and otherwise hard to find resources.

I considered the possible roles played by both toxins and viruses in polio. The polio virus was, I discovered, a virus that can only reproduce in humans - which was once common in many countries that never had a polio epidemic, and which is acknowledged to be normally totally harmless to us. My shelves started to be weighed down with virology and immunology books. I learnt if 'poliovirus' caused polio, then this would violate some of the best known rules of virology such as the Koch Postulates. It seemed it was rather the strange virus, the one that we have never met before, that was likely to be dangerous.

I also came across around this time the website on "Images of Poliomyelitis" assembled by Jim West - a truly formidable site with impressive work on it. It seems he was one of the very first in modern times to have assembled a strong case for the real cause of polio being pesticides. He put together his case for this between 1985-8 but found it very difficult to get published. He then discovered, much to his surprise, that some scientists had put forward the same thesis during the US polio epidemics over 30 years earlier - and that they had presented to the US Congress impressive research on how toxins caused polio . Since then, their work has been seemingly not disproved, but simply forgotten.Jim West wrote concerning them, 'I pushed them forward because I was proud of them and my finding them. I admired their courageous tone, historical perspective and credentials.' I found West's work a valuable stimulant. The provision of papers by these scientists on his website was particularly valuable. In all this forced me to go back to re-evaluate many ideas about polio. I had to put together a timeline so I could contrast the work of these scientists against that of their contemporaries who believed polio to be caused by a virus, searching for every paper I could find. Ostrum's work on the non-isolation of the poliovirus during this period I found valuable in doing this.

I was very grateful for the research resources West provided on his site- but his analysis gave me some problems as I worked back over it. He is perhaps contradictory on viruses -saying expressly that Coxsackie virus causes clinically identical illness to poliomyelitis- while saying that poliovirus does not do so. He does not explain why Coxsackie is so more dangerous - nor says why pesticides did not cause the Coxsackie cases. I suspect that toxins do the initial damage, bringing down the blood brain barrier, making it possible for many different viruses to reach the already toxic damaged motor neurone cells.

West also seems to have overlooked the possibility that other toxins may be at work - particularly those contained in vaccines administered to millions during the polio epidemics (these vaccines were banned from 1952 during the summer polio season due to many cases of polio occurring in the limb injected - more on this below).I also wondered if toxins and viruses could work together as co-factors to create paralysis after toxins have done the initial damage. Enteroviruses (gut viruses), including poliovirus, seem to be attracted to damaged spinal nerve cells in the final stages of polio. West notes the presence of such viruses and suggests this is by 'recombination'.But this reassembling of viral parts tends to create new mutated forms of virus. An alternative would be that poliovirus and other enteroviruses migrate from the gut to the damaged nerve cells after toxins have brought down the blood-brain barrier that protects our central nervous system. I wonder if these migrating viruses are in fact useful - as scavengers of damaged tissue. We now know that toxically challenged cells produce viruses themselves in a seemingly defensive reaction.

Toxins and exogenous ('foreign") viruses also do sometimes work together. Researchers have found a relationship between SV40, a monkey virus found to contaminated many millions of doses of the polio vaccine, and another toxin, asbestos.

West's work contains many graphs showing a powerful coincidence between polio outbreaks and pesticide exposure. But I had problems with these. My main problem was the extremely low level of polio incidence they showed from 1955 onwards, down to near zero, - exactly as the vaccine industry says happened.I don't think that is what happened. I found reports in the New York Times of around 1958 of thousands of cases of polio occurring in the vaccinated and also medical reports reporting the same. I also found a professor of Biostatistics had told Congress much the same - he said that polio had not gone away post-1955 - but was being abolished by fraud - by renaming the dissease.If polio continued as this evidence suggests, and if many cases of it were related to pesticides - then did pesticides continue to have influence post 1955? It seems that this is possible . Organophosphates were introduced that year - and organochlorines were still around - reportedly reaching their peak domestic US usage in 1958 -here also my research findings differed from West's graphs. There is a need for further research here. If you wish to investigate this further, you may find helpful some of the documents on the Resource Page.

I also found other researchers blamed many cases of polio on vaccination campaigns (against other viruses or bacteria). This association was known by the authorities - from 1952 they forbad vaccination campaigns during the summer 'polio season' - this phenomenon is now known as 'provocation paralysis.' and it still is common in developing countries where some children are given up to 10 polio vaccine doses plus very numerous other doses of vaccines through campaigns sponsored by WHO.It seems that the vaccines poisoned the muscles into which they were injected - not surprising, given their level of purity.

Another valuable early (1957) account of polio vaccine development by a somewhat angry Ph D - is this chapter of The Poisoned Needle. The author points out some of the financial interests that underlay vaccine development. This is from the very recommendable Whale Website

An 'establishment' history of the polio epidemics impact in Canada makes very interesting reading, as it vividly describes the fear that resulted from the way the disease targeted mostly middle-class children. This account documents the failures with developing vaccines against polio in the 1930s - and how it was eventually 'intestinal washings' that proved the best place to find the polio virus - no wonder, as the virus they blame for polio is one that naturally reproduces in the intestines. The author does not examine why middle-class children fell ill with polio more than working class children - or if middle-class children were particularly exposed to toxins such as the sprays on fresh fruit and household pesticides.

But for much much more documentation - see the Resource Centre


End - for the moment! This research is still a work in progress for me - and I may later find I have to revise my ideas dramatically. This is purely a record of where my research has taken me so far.














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